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Why choose GanttPRO?

Here is how GanttPRO helps 700k+ people become better managers for their teams and more professional service providers for their clients.

  • It has helped me sell my work since clients appreciate time control, especially on projects that take months.
    Juan R.
  • Viewing and exporting features are super helpful when you need to share the info with someone outside of your organization.
    Eric C.
    Project Manager
  • Easy to create and share charts which are functional and easy to read and understand for collaborators. Perfect tool to have overview of the projects and related tasks.
    Andrejs B.
  • Team members are happy, everyone knows "where" we are and "what" needs to be done since it is cloud-based and some team members are in different offices and cities.
    Juan R.
  • GanttPro makes it easy to realign and redistribute the tasks in order to balance out the workload of my team.
    Jeremy B.
    Project Manager
  • Optimizes clarity, inter communicability and efficiency. My team clearly knows the targets and sub-targets, keeping an eye on the prize at the same time. Priceless.
    Mt N.
    Singer-songwriter, label owner.
  • Has all of the essential features of a robust project management tool like MS Project, but in a user-friendly, web collaborative form. Great also to be able to switch from Gantt to Board view to quickly see what tasks are in progress.
    Brett Collison
    Operation manager
  • User-friendly, easy access to all options and it's easy to invite teammates to edit or view the chart and also you can help them with access to edit their projects in your Gantt chart
    Josh Smith
  • By using Ganttpro we have been able to get better control over projects and project resources. Collaboration is easy since the application is web-based. Our team is now working much closer with each other and has a better understanding of the bigger project picture.
    Mario Flores
    IT Director
  • The software is readily accessible online, which allows for easy collaboration within a working team. There is no need to install software on multiple computers, and this makes the cost far more reasonable, particularly for organizations on a limited budget.
    Ajamu A.
  • I am able to organize my team’s workflow and see that everyone is on the same page.
    Anna P.
    Marketing Specialist
  • The ease of use on this software is mind-blowing.
    Chris C.
  • I really like that I can quickly outline a number of tasks and get a high-level overview done in a limited amount of time. Simple to сreate Gantt charts and happy with the results.
    Roger R.
  • GanttPRO is really a treat. The drag-and-drop functionalities, the integrated dependencies and progress tracking, and the beautiful UI make it easy to work in.
    Erin W.
    Digital Archivist
  • Made project management much easier! When I did start initially preconfigured templates they had saved me a lot of time.
    Valentine Z.
  • Templates can be created to save time if you are regularly producing charts for a specific type of project and the entire platform seems to have been built with the time-poor project manager in mind - which is something a lot of other Gantt software could learn from.
    Ian G.
    Project manager
  • I like that you can import existing project plans as well as you can use software's templates as basis for your plan.
    Barbora N.
    Implementation Analyst
  • I have posed a few questions to the support team who have responded literally within seconds.
    Ian G.
    Project manager
  • Support and documentation provided by its creators is simply great.
    Ingrith Roselys M.

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